Stories Of Craigslist Interactions Gone Method Wrong

There is reasons you should not fulfill strangers through the internet- you know who’s never lurking behind the pc display screen. You can certainly do every thing right, like meet in a place that is public never expose your property address, but creepy Craigslist encounters are bound to fundamentally take place.

For virtually any right time some one has effectively offered an utilized Xbox or electric guitar, you will find Craigslist interactions gone wrong. When you are strapped for money, attempting to sell things that are extra random individuals on the net seems very easy. But do not be fooled. It is extremely difficult to share with just just what’s legit and what is an ad that is ridiculous frightening Craigslist story waiting to take place. Are some bucks well worth a crazy encounter?

These redditors that are brave their Craigslist stories, through the hilarious towards the utterly terrifying. All have in common is that none of them went as planned from complicated insurance frauds to savvy Redditors running sting operations for stolen gear, what these Craigslist stories.

The Noble Thief

“My buddy had been attempting to purchase one thing off craigslist (Houston if anybody’s interested).He made plans to generally meet someplace, decided on a cost, blah blah blah.Couple minutes later on, the man calls my buddy right back and states, ‘Hey man, do not come. I happened to be just planning to rob you, but we heard some young children into the back ground as soon as we had been talking from the phone.'”

It Comes Down With Complimentary Cockroaches

“Bought a Keurig on Craiglist. Tried it for 2 times, began noticing coffee grounds in my glass. Ignored it. Saw a cockroach in my own home, and discovered out it had been from the Keurig. Took a flashlight to your inside, plus it was infested by having a nest of cockroaches. It absolutely wasn’t coffee grounds within my glass.”

The Sting Procedure

Night”So here is a good one: My laptop got stolen out of my truck one. Filed an authorities everything and report nevertheless they weren’t likely to do just about anything. So being pissed off we thought I would personally check always Craigslist and do you know what? The man who stole ended up being attempting to sell it on Craigslist two towns over. He was had by me deliver me some images from it to verify it was mine.

We contacted law enforcement therefore we put up a sting operation at your local Starbucks and caught the man. It ended up being a small and then he had tools along with other stolen crap in their vehicle. I happened to be pretty pleased with myself for that! We never ever thought i’d note that laptop computer once more. Man didn’t even wipe the hard disk drive.”

Insurance Fraud Included At No Extra Expense

This might be a reminder to pay before you never have Craiglist purchase in your hand. Redditor JethanR thought he had been purchasing an utilized motorcycle. He covered 50 % of the bike if the owner noticed the title was forgot by him. The dog owner stated he would be straight back because of the name at your fingertips, however he never ever turned up. Rather, this is exactly what occurred:

“Two police arrive during the household we’m leasing. They bang on my home. We answer, dumbfounded. ‘Is that the bike when you look at the driveway, sir?’ They ask. We begin to explain the situation. After telling them that the man will soon be back with all the title, they do say, ‘Well, sir, this bicycle ended up being reported taken 2 days ago. The one who reported it taken said he drove by right here and saw it, and called us. Did you take this bike?’ i am freaking away. No, we did not take it.”

The Redditor ultimately understands which he’s been framed for automobile theft. The authorities tell him they’ve movie of him stealing the bicycle, and then he asks to view it. They agree, so long as he boils down to your place:

“and so i reach the precinct. We have taken fully to this cop’s desk. He asks me a questions that are few then asks us to view the movie. It is on a cd. He pulls it up. As expected, it is me getting with this man’s bicycle. However the guy is not within the framework. It had been then it certainly became clear for me exactly how detailed this facade that is whole:

The man had the bicycle round the relative back of their household, but we spoke around front side, and I also parked my automobile around front side; the bicycle had the tips on it already. Once I brought the bicycle straight back, we left it around front side of their household per the man’s demand. As a result of this, I was showed by the video getting on a bicycle, at 10 p.m. with all the secrets into the ignition, pulling it away, and apparently never ever bringing it straight right back. He also was able to remain out-of-frame, and regardless of a few glances inside the way, I do not appear to be getting together with anybody off-camera. I am actually screwed, right right right here.

This post is really long. I’ll conclude: after investing the whole trip to the neighborhood authorities place, the man turns up and starts asking if i am the man whom took their bicycle. The specific situation got even even even worse for me, before the authorities were able to result in the man slip up. He could not keep their tale directly. He stops working and admits he managed to make it all up. The money was needed by him to pay for some bills, but could not bare to offer their bicycle, therefore he put up an agenda in order to make an insurance coverage claim for some body stealing their bike, but then created an agenda to help keep the bicycle, acquire some cash from a ‘buyer; who does be framed as being a thief, and all would end well for him. Except it did not. I do believe he finished up likely to jail. I am uncertain. I acquired my cash back, and place the ordeal that is whole me personally. Generally there. That’s my Craigslist story that is creepy.”


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