Thumb drives are easy to transport, work with most computers, and are relatively small. That makes them a great way to save small amounts of data like presentations or working documents. It’s also easy to give them to others, making them great for collaborative projects.

A spare tire isn’t meant to be used for very long, and it usually isn’t as good as the original. With a car there are lots of other things that can go wrong besides the tire failing.

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By spreading wear out across the entire flash drive, this technology makes widespread data failure much less likely. Most USB flash drives support wear leveling, but to different extents. For example, the technology used by your flash drive’s manufacturer directly reflects its expected lifespan. After a certain number of writes–usually from 3,000 to 10,000 cycles depending on the device–flash cells begin to break down, rendering the device unstable.

However, this is only a limitation for write cycles and does not apply to any attempts to read files. You can safely open files on a flash drive without worrying about longevity. To restore from a system image, you’ll need to go to the advanced recovery settings.

In Windows 8, click the "Restart now" button under Advanced startup. If everything looks good, click the "Start backup" button to create the system image. At the end of the backup process, Windows will ask you if you want to create a system repair disk on a CD or DVD.

With a computer there are lots of other things that can go wrong besides the hard drive failing. Your computer will run slower when booted from an external drive, and there may be some other shortfalls. In most cases, a simple thumb drive is the first way most people save their data.

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Other features such as error correcting code add additional resistance against data loss. However, some USB flash drive manufacturers do not use these technologies in order to keep costs down. If you are willing to spend a little extra on a high-quality drive, you will drastically decrease your chances of a serious data loss event. There are a number of technologies built into modern USB flash drives to stop this type of data loss. The most common of these is wear leveling, which does exactly what it sounds like; the drive varies its cell usage.

This will help you boot your computer and recover Windows from a serious error, so you should go ahead and say yes to creating the repair disk. Windows 7 lets you choose the location where you want to restore the files, as well as choose what to do if there’s a filename conflict. After you make your decision, Windows will restore your files. If you use a desktop computer a local WinRAR latest version external drive backup like Time Machine is great, assuming you can keep the drive connected and running all of the time. A bootable backup can really save the day, but if your computer dies because of something other than the hard drive, a bootable backup won’t help.


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